Darrell Ellens

Thought Leadership, Content marketing, and Social Selling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Greetings, I’m Darrell.

I’m the owner of a Rad Digital Agency called "ChocolateFace Media".

I help CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, Entrepreneurs, Start-up, Founders, Authors and Public Speakers become Thought Leaders in their Niche.

If you are thinking about becoming a thought leader, let's chat and see how we can work together.

I run a group with 6500 people called CEO Blogs, Guest Blogging and Thought Leadership.

I love to volunteer at all of the major Sales & Marketing, Start-up and Leadership conferences in Vancouver.

I am considered a Global Thought Leader in the Daily Deal Industry for 7 years now.

Fun Facts

I am considered the most connected, the most knowledgeable and most influential person in the world regarding the Daily Deal industry. I have 1,000s of connections in 41 countries in 900 cities around the world.

I am the President of the Daily Deal Industry Association Domain I shared more articles, commented on more articles on the Daily Deal Industry than any one else in the world did in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,....2017. which then put me in the TOP 1% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn.

I run the biggest group in the world regarding the Daily Deal Industry. I am usually found on the front page of Google in nearly every country in the world for "Daily Deal Industry Thought Leader"


Currently I am launching a course "How To Become A Local SEO Rockstar in 30 Days.

Changing the way people look at their first sales job.

Step 1) Personal Branding Strategy

Step 2) World-Class LinkedIn Profile

Step 3) "I Got Your Back Attitude" Promise

Step 4) Find Your RockStar

Step 5) Introduction to Gary Vaynerchuk

There has never been a better time to be an Entrepreneur and creating your own personal brand.


What most people do not know about me is that I love Dinosaurs and all Jurassic Park Movies, Hummingbirds, Playing Poker and going to Rock N Roll Music Festival and dancing with my wife in the Beer Gardens.

I love inspirational movies like Jerry Ma

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